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Sports Therapy


Do you have an injury that just won't settle despite doing all the right things?

Do you get new injuries each time you try to return to your sport?

At Mindful Motion Physio the whole body is assessed through a thorough and individualised biomechanical assessment. This helps to identify the underlying cause of an injury, and what other factors may be at play.


Peta implements a combination of techniques including the Integrated Systems Model™ and Connect Therapy™, Canadian-based approaches that help to identify how one part of your body may be affecting another.


For example, an old knee injury may actually be affecting how you now move, contributing to your ongoing back pain.

Peta has also worked extensively with athletes experiencing continence and pelvic floor issues in their chosen sport, where the body's pressure systems can undergo extreme loads. 


Peta incorporates her experience as a sport scientist, running coach and former athlete. She offers a personalised management plan to help you achieve your sporting or fitness goals specific to what you're wanting to achieve. 

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