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Fitness for future mothers

Pre and Postnatal Care

Every journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond is unique. Therefore every woman will have different needs. Whilst issues such as back and pelvic pain in pregnancy are common, they're not normal.


Peta is passionate about the pelvis and the pregnant body and has worked for over 15 years specialising in this field. As a mum herself, she understands the physical, emotional and social changes that occur with having a baby.


Physiotherapy can assist with the treatment and management of a number of issues including:


  • Lower back and pelvic girdle pain

  • Sciatic / leg pain

  • Pubic symphysitis / pubic bone pain

  • Rib, thoracic and neck pain

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome and swelling management

  • Preparing your pelvis and body for labour and birth

  • Appropriate exercise for your pregnancy  

The Post Partum period

Physiotherapy can assist in your body's recovery and repair including:

  • Rectus diastasis (abdominal muscle separation) and recovery of abdominal function

  • Caesarean scar management and wound healing 

  • Lower back, pelvic or pubic pain

  • Incontinence and return of pelvic floor function

  • Safe return to exercise

  • Thoracic and neck pain associated with feeding, carrying your new baby etc

  • Assistance with mastitis

Physio can also play an important role in the prevention of many issues that may arise from pregnanacy and labour. You do not need to be in pain in order to check in. If you are in need of guidance on how to prepare or restore your body to meet your goals, contact us for a pre or post natal assessment. 

Bubs are always welcome in the clinic!

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