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What is Visceral manipulation?

Visceral manipulation was developed by renowned French physiotherapist and Osteopath Dr. Jean Pierre Barral. 
It involves gentle manual techniques to encourage the normal mobility, tone and motion of the viscera (internal organs) and their connective tissues (fascia).  Scarring, posture, injury and illness can affect these tissues and how they move. Such connective tissues have intricate connections with the musculoskeletal system and can therefore affect how the whole body moves, contributing to pain, movement dysfunction or other symptoms throughout the body.

What can visceral manipulation assist with?

As with any type of manual therapy Visceral manipulation works on the fascia, and in turn the neural, muscular, skeletal and visceral tissues that surround the fascia. It can therefore be used in many complaints that would benefit from manual therapy, specifically where other types of treatment have not been beneficial or when a more gentle approach may be required.

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